xmas eve dinner at St. Vincent’s

I had just about finished preparing the parmesan cheese cracker dough and placed it in the refrigerator to harden up when Chika called from her office (she had gone in to finish up a logo job).  She first assured me that she was not going into labor but that she was in pain and couldn’t walk so could I come and help her.  Our appointment with the doula birthing coach is not until the end of the month, so without that presentation, I am feeling very very lost.  But this isn’t about me.  And Chika said it’s not happening yet, so I was NOT panicking.

I walked the 9 or so blocks to her office, and as luck would have it, a cab was parked right outside the front door!  Long story short, the hospital is keeping her on a 24 hour urine check – and here she is, enjoying the “clear” menu: jellos, chicken broth, tea and fruit juice.  It would have been perfect if they’d whipped up red and green jellos for the occasion, but the other choice was “water,” so we (yes, the royal “we”) are not complaining.

fine dining at St. Vincents

They have a monitor on her belly that measures the baby’s heartbeat and her contractions.  The baby is moving about quite a bit tonight; it sounds like someone is dragging a piano across the floor.  very strange.  There is a slight possibility that they might induce labor tomorrow – and Chika’s complaining that she’s going to miss Carol’s glazed ham. 

Back to me: It’s kinda annoying that the nurses keep asking if I’m Chika’s mom.

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