Tomato Dispatch 2015

In early April, I went to check out the offerings from the TomatoGals, Helen and Peggy of Kassenhoff Growers, at their Oakland Train Depot growing grounds. ┬áSo many to choose from, it’s mind boggling.

Paul Robeson, Nyagous, and Brad’s Black Oxheart
Orange Russian 117: Highly recommended by Peggy, and with a name that sounds like some cold war secret agent … or whatever.


Weisnicht’s Ukranian. Totally sold on the description: The “tastiest tomato you’ve never heard of.”

And here are some other tomatoes that were tempting, perhaps for consideration next year…


I was tempted to get this tomato, just so I could tell people, “here’s my Mortgage Lifter,” but my basket was getting full.


15.0404(13)-2 15.0404(13)-5

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