Tomato Dispatch (Livermore)

15.0410(21)-2With a little bit (a lot) of help from Steve, I got my first four tomato plants in the ground in the garden patch behind the office.  I brought in a bucket full of worm castings to blend in to the deep holes and mounded up the tomatoes for a good soak.  Hoping for a good harvest of late season tomatoes with the warm temperatures of Livermore.


Clockwise from lower left: Brad’s Black Oxheart, Orange Russian 117, Blue Beauty, and Nyagous.
I was told the gardens were created for use by the preschool , but in recent years, only a handful of park staff were growing veggies here. This year, it’s only me and one other gardener.


I had a vague idea of how I might stake the tomatoes.  All four were of the indeterminate kind, meaning that they’d keep growing, so I knew I’d need something sturdier than the regular tomato cages.  In any case, it seemed, at the time, that I’d given enough space for the tomatoes to spread out their vines.  This was a case of serious under-es-tomatoing!

15.0410(21)-9 15.0410(21)-14 15.0410(21)-18


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