The Last Diner (sic)

Before we checked into St. Vincents for Chika’s induction, we stopped by a very nice diner a half block from the hospital. Funny how NY streets change from one block to another; the diner is just south of 12th St. so it’s officially in the Village, not Chelsea, and it’s got a flavor all its own. I was reflecting on the large mural on the wall next to our booth. How about that: The Last Supper a la NY, commemorating Chika’s last dining-out experience she’ll have as a unit with her baby.

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4 comments on “The Last Diner (sic)

  1. We both had 2 eggs over med with turkey sausage for Chika and bacon for me, and buttered Multi-grain toast. Alicia, or anyone out there – do you know who all the characters are in the mural?

  2. now that’s a good diner meal to go out on.

    all i know is that the painting is called “leo and friends”, by greg constantine. he was fond of planting historical figures (in this case, da vinci as christ) and painting them as they pay imagined visits to places like chicago and los angeles. i was able to identify a few of those in the mural, but it’s been a while, and i’d have to look at it for a bit. needless to say, they’re new york luminaries.


    and hey–since no one else has done so, i’m wondering DIDN’T SOMETHING HAPPEN BY NOW?? with water broken, isn’t this a fait accompli. inquiring minds, and all that.

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