Still Waiting

Auntie C is frustrated bc/ she’s not kept up w/ her texting prowess and it’s taking a long time to update this post on Chika’s iPhone. But we have plenty of time, even tho it’s going on 27 hrs since we checked into the hospital. Post-Xmas, there’s plenty of babies being delivered (at 4 am this morning, there were 3 deliveries happening at the same time) and at least two more since then, so none of the docs seem to be rushing Chika along. We’re just waiting for the “cervidil” to do its thing, which could be another 12 hrs or more.
Auntie C Is Waiting

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12 comments on “Still Waiting

  1. aiye yi yi–poor chika! i guess we’re thankful that they’re not pushing her along. can she move freely about the cabin to encourage gravity’s benefit? more moxibustion? is she back on the clear regimen, or can i run some more roast chicken down there?? anything we can do for you, auntie chiye?


  2. Best wishes to mommy, baby, and auntie for a great delivery despite the unexpected timing and process of it all!!

  3. richard’s acupuncurist has ministered to many delivering mothers at st. vincent’s. please let us know if you’d like her help! /a

  4. Chiye, time to play tai-chi, relax, and entertain little sis. Can’t wait to find out if the niecphew is a boy, girl or combination of the two.


  5. Ahh, in this case the rumor is travelling much faster than the baby. Looks like the baby will be coming tomorrow, we hope. I hope that we’ll all be home for new year’s day – fingers x’d.

  6. oobah doobah… i hope chika is comfortable and getting some rest. we’ve been pacing all over marin county. fingers x’d! xo, john+naomi

  7. yikes. we hope that this doesn’t mean you’ve been hanging out at st. vincent’s all this time. can’t pretend to understand how induction can last for so long, but only hope that chika is comfy, and that the end (or rather, beginning) is very near! xoxo/a+r

  8. Chiye – hang in there! Shannon went through induction twice. same reason – high blood pressure. The first time was a long road. Both of you will need your stamina. I had packed lots or tuna sandwiches but ate them too early in the process and ran out of energy – of course easy fro me to say as i was not giving birth.

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