Little Library meetup

Just started.
Emily, sitting amidst the sea of Oxalis, aka Bermuda Buttercup (I’m guessing).
time-out for selfie with Jeffrey
time-out for selfie with Jeffrey
group shot
Group shot with Yuki and hydrant and a very full green bin. I recruited some folks from across the street to take us a group shot. Felt a bit guilty for the 70-degree weather we’re enjoying this week when they told us they were visiting from New Hampshire (buried in six feet of snow) and from Wisconsin (frozen, I assume).
the message is clear, or not?
library plaque
The official LittleFreeLibrary plaque: Charter Number 4701.
Compare the ground plane to the first photo.
bulky oxalis
Filling up the second bin.
trusty tool and closeup of other weeds


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