Jan 2015 meeting of the Millsmont Gardeners

The garden group now has a name: GEM, for Gardeners Exchange of Millsmont, and we had a work party on January 11 at Darlene’s.  Perhaps we’re all still sticking to our list of new year’s resolutions, a good number of folks showed up to help Darlene tackle the weeds in her front yard.

Here, Emily steps back to take measure of her powers, as MFK Fisher might say, as she …

pruning the bougainvillea
… boldly prunes the bougainvillea into shape.


We worked on weeding the front yard, and then cleaned out the tree well for the new Redbud tree out in front. I was struggling to remember the purple flowered vine that might be a nice addition to the jasmine that Darlene planted for the entry arbor.  It’s Hardenbergia “Happy Wanderer.”  From sfgate: “Happy Wanderer (Hardenbergia violacea), sometimes referred to as a wandering lilac vine, is a climbing perennial vine with light violet flower blossoms that bloom in late winter and early spring. “
15.0111(1)-11 Weeding doesn’t seem like such a chore especially when you you can catch up with friends, new and familiar. Here’s Darlene, Valerie and a bit of Judy – sorry!; and Connie, Carroll and Elizabeth (?)
An apple espalier bearing four different types of apples (note the different tags for each branch). I found a lot more information here on wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Espalier and I’ll be sure to visit Darlene’s when the apples are ready for pickin’!
Darlene, me, Emily and Connie with our weapons of choice.
Darlene, me, Emily and Connie with our weapons of choice.

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