It’s a Balloon!

This is Chika writing an entry. We are still here at the hospital. After the second Cervidel was taken out, now with the cervix nice and ripened for twenty four hours or so (blurry memory at this point) my doctor said cheerfully, “We’re thinking of putting in a balloon to help dilate your cervix. Doesn’t it sound fun?” I thought she was joking but the next thing I knew it’s in and it was not as fun as promised. The idea is to insert a small balloon just past the cervix and by the time it pops out the cervix is at minimum 3cm dilated. Then I was put on Pitosin (sp?) which is a synthetic oxytocin, the “love” hormone, and gets you going on contraction. All this long, slow and elaborate procedures are all in hopes for a short and relatively easy labor.

Last night Chiye and my doula both camped out in my birthing room. Early this morning around 4:30am I was in the bathroom with Larry (a name I christined the IV drip machine) and I could hear the moanings and screams from the next birthing room. (I heard later this morning that she is giving birth with no pain medication) I was sitting on the toilet getting anxious about what’s to come and trying to do business when the balloon popped out. If only labor is that easy…

Around 7:30am this morning I had two hours of freedom from all the monitors and Larry (now the nurses are referring to it by this name too) to take a shower and eat the last solid food before I go back on Potocin. Then around 10am the doctor broke my water and I’m now back connected to the monitor and Larry who is pumping me with low dosage of Potocin. Chiye and the doula have both gone home to take a shower and regroup for another day with me and the expected. We are all hoping that today will be the day and if the delivery happens before midnight we should be back home on New Years day.

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1 comment on “It’s a Balloon!

  1. so much for the minimally invasive! “doesn’t it sound fun?” um, no.

    should we begin a betting pool for the birth time?

    staying tuned and in your corner, chika! xoxo/a+r

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