Introducing Larry

Larry comes with some baggage (IV bags) but has a stable base. What more can a girl ask for?
Remember Larry, who is mentioned in Chika’s post earlier today? In case you all were interested in seeing what Larry looks like:

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4 comments on “Introducing Larry

  1. It’s hard to get a read on Larry. I’m afraid he is a bit of a drip. Perhaps once you get to know him he is not so bleeping plain. Well, if he is not a smooth talker at least he is a smooth walker.

  2. OMG, without scrolling down i thought it was the babys’s name—hmmm. novel. i didn’t think chika would name her child larry, but you never know. there’s still time! keep up the good work and reporting chika and chiye! we’re rooting for the balloon and other exotics to do their thing! love carol and patsy

  3. hahahah–larry! maybe i shouldn’t be laughing at that…

    all i can think of is that passage in “annie hall” where allen stops people in the street, asking them how they keep love going, and that older gentleman says, “we use a large, vibrating egg”.

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