A Welcome Shower for Akira

We’re tracking back here a bit to January 10th, 2010, since it’s taken Auntie C, delicate Oakland flower that she is, more than a month to dig up these photos from the frigid journey back East. This is soooo history for Akira (and he was – let’s be honest here – totally embedded in his mom’s sling pouch), but nonetheless this was, for the rest of us, an exciting and lovely brunch that Paul and Monty graciously hosted for the new kid on the block … err, floor. (Yes, New York’s neighborhood units are a lot more compressed than elsewhere on this continent.)

The crowd has assembled in Paul and Monty's apartment
Max, the older kid from five stories below.
baby blue cupcakes in honor of Akira
A lovely umbrella courtesy of Cynthia that's seen a lot of showers

Here are more photos from Akira’s 6th Floor Debut.

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