a night at lazy-meadows-kill*

Navigating the NY Thruway on a gps navigator is proving to be a lot more difficult than I thought.  If I had followed its insistent order to “make a left” when we were looking for the onramp for the thruway, we would have wound up going up an exit ramp.  Adventures abound, as we found our way to 1 Museum Rd. for a visit to Storm King Art Center, and then on to Kate’s Lazy Meadows, somewhere southeast of Woodstock by a lazy creek (* aka kill) where we booked a suite of rooms with the sweetest, tackiest decor one can imagine.     

garden gnome or one of the seven dwarves
our fully equipped pink kitchen
a chip(but no dale) lamp

2 comments on “a night at lazy-meadows-kill*

  1. That chipmunk is kinda scary. Could you sleep with those vampiritic teeth shimmering in the moonlight?

  2. Chika says it is a squirrel because, in her opinion, chipmunks are smaller. But I don’t know that I have ever encountered a squirrel of this size either. Maybe in NYC they grow very large. I don’t know…

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