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Day 1: Got up really early in Oakland; flew into JFK; picked up our rental car where we were talked into renting the GPS (Karen, the mesmerizing Aussie, constantly "ree-cal-cue-lay-ting"), and set on our way, ambitiously, to Newton, Massachusetts, where Roxanne assured us she would wait up for us.

Roxanne and her daughter Melanie.

Roxanne reminded me of the time a group of us had travelled down to Miami for spring break. It must have been towards the end of our freshman year. We were driving my dad's Toyota Corolla, a very early 1972 model that buzzed us down to Florida in 29 hours of non-stop driving. It was a fun, dreamlike trip. On the way back, though, we took a detour into the backwoods outside of Fort Lauderdale after one of the tires had a blowout and we were trying to get a replacement -- a whole 'nother story.
What Roxanne reminded me of, 30-something years later, is that we had run out of money, and we tumbled into her aunt's house in Maryland (?) for rest and some fund replenishment. And there she was on Friday, 30-something years later, the aunt, who was visiting from Maryland, and she claimed to remember me and our late night intrusion - and she never told Roxanne's dad about our spring break adventure!

I got my steamers, and more

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I've been thinking about steamers for a long time, five years to be precise, since the last reunion in 2003 when Steve and I went to Phoebe's with Brian M. MD and his wife. I had a large plate of steamers then, and I was going to have it again. Except we didn't know that steamers go to bed early in New England.

More food to come ... Continue>

30th Reunion Class of '78

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Friday, May 23. This was turning out to be a beautiful spring weekend. So there we are, on the terrace of Sears House (aka alpha something or-mega) right in front of the registration tent.

Sue, Elaine, Bear, me and Liz: the Bear was the only one that didn't spend Freshman year in West Andrews (that we know of, anyways).

Saturday, May 24. East Side, Providence. A stop at the Modern Diner, and then we passed by Loui's who looked a lot fancier, as did Milhaus across the street, no longer our beloved coop where I led a righteous vegetarian existence Junior year.
Class picnic and photo on the steps of Manning.

Sunday, May 25. Avon, Alta, Del. Breakfast at the Ratty, what can I say.

The March down College Hill - 30 years later. We had the Pembroke banner between us and the Class of '73. Is that when the last class of Pembrokers graduated?

Lunch at Liz's house. We found out WHO was responsible for "shocking" Karen's mom when she came for a visit to Appleby Dorm Sophomore year.

A stop in New Haven to see Fran, and Suffern to see Benj

Steve, Gudrun, Gudrun's sister visiting from Germany, and Fran

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Robin and Benj

B&B in Haverstraw

In Remembrance
of Paul Leikin

May 26 and 27. It may have been the first time that I had met Paul, in late December, 1998; Paul led the way on on a cold, icy walk along the Hudson, a route that he walked almost every day. We stopped by the stone carver's house in Haverstraw to admire the rock heads, a singular vision of Ted Ludwiczak.
Paul Leikin
We revisited the stone carver's house on Tuesday, Steve and I, and later, we found the flowering tree that marks the spot that four years ago, we staked out for Paul. It's a good spot, with an expansive view of the river that Paul would surely approve of.

The Rock of Forest Ave.

... where Steve and friends took turns becoming the Piemaker, naming pies to confound the Devil (this was before it was known that you have to count your carbs).

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